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Places to Buy

Buy Now from the Following Pharmacies

Alliance Pharmacy

20 Furbacher Lane #2
Aurora, ON L4G 6W1

Toll-free Phone: 877-796-7979

Toll-free Fax: 877-835-8329
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SpiritRx Services

801 Century St. Winnipeg, MB R3H 0C3

Toll-free Phone: 877-612-2132

Toll-free Fax: 877-612-2133

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List of Pharmacies Where Product is Available


BON Pharmacy Ltd.

PO Box 130, 2 Bear Road
Scanterbury, MB R0E 1W0

Phone: 204-766-2336
Fax: 204-766-2425

Clarke’s Pharmacy

50 Selkirk Avenue
Thompson, MB R8N 0M7

Phone: 204-778-7008
Fax: 204-778-7619

Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy

622 3rd St SW
Dauphin, MB R7N 1R5

Phone: 204-638-4602
Fax: 204-638-3140
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Exchange District Pharmacy

286 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 0T2

Phone: 204-942-0573
Fax: 204-942-0867
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Fort Alexander Pharmacy

Box 248 MB-11
Fort Alexander, MB R0E 0P0

Phone: 204-367-9900
Fax: 204-367-9909

Gladstone Pharmacy

25 Dennis Street W
Gladstone, MB R0J 0T0

Phone: 204-385-2051
Fax: 204-385-2728

MEDOCare Pharmacy

150 Henry Street
Winnipeg, MB R3B 0J7

Phone: 877-635-5931
Fax: 204-942-7224
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Mountain Park Pharmacy

47 Main St W
Erickson, MB R0J 0P0

Phone: 204-636-2361
Fax: 204-636-2184

Northern Lights Pharmacy

335 Railway Ave
Gillam, MB R0B 0L0

Phone: 204-642-6045

People’s Pharmacy

1632 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3J 0C3

Phone: 204-788-0395
Fax: 204-774-3320
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Pine Pharmacy

Box 520 – 22 Pine St,
Pine Falls, MB R0E 1M0

Phone: 204-367-2611
Fax: 204-367-2517

Rossburn Pharmacy

23 Main St
Rossburn, MB R0J 1V0

Phone: 204-859-2705
Fax: 204-859-3002

Shawano Pharmacy

550-360 Broadway Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3T 0T6

Phone: 1-833-742-9266

Shoppers Drugmart #2414 (St. Boniface Hospital)

409 Tache Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R2H 2A6

Phone: 204-231-4000
Fax: 204-231-4012
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Shoppers Drugmart #544 (Portage la Prairie)

124 Saskatchewan Avenue E
Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 0L1

Phone: 204-857-7891
Fax: 204-857-9251
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St. Laurent Pharmacy

Lot 835 PTH #6
St Laurent, MB R0C 2S0

Phone: 204-646-2855

Stonewall Pharmacy Ltd.

Unit 17 – 333 Main St.
Stonewall, MB
R0C 2Z0

Phone: 204-467-8385
Fax: 204-467-8287

Super Thrifty Drug Mart, The Pas

Box 930, Station Main, Otineka Mall
The Pas, MB R9A 1P8

Phone: 204-623-5150
Fax: 204-623-2812
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Super Thrifty Selkirk

362 Eveline St.
Selkirk, MB
R1A 1N3

Phone: 204-482-3641
Fax: 204-785-1958
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White Cross Pharmacy, Portage la Prairie

5006 Crescent Road West
Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 0Y6

Phone: 204-857-9666
Fax: 204-856-0226

White Cross Pharmacy, Wolseley

647 Broadway Avenue

Winnipeg, MB R3C 0X2
Fax: 204-786-6743

Hill’s Clinic Pharmacy, Portage la Prairie

140 9th St. SE, Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 3V5
Phone: 204-239-1368
Fax: 204-239-5748
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Caledonia Medical Pharmacy Inc

370 Argyle St South
Caledonia, ON N3W 2N2

Phone: 289-960-0732
Fax: 289-960-0738

Forest Pharmacy Pharmasave

19 King St West, Forest, ON, N0N 1J0

Phone: 519-786-5161
Fax: 519-786-6012
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Johnson’s Pharmacy

116 Main St S
Kenora, ON
P9N 1S9

Phone: 807-468-7412
Fax: 807-468-6739

Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy

700 Lakeview Drive
Kenora, ON P9N 3P7

Phone: 807-468-5225
Fax: 807-468-5625

Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy #360

700 Lakeview Drive Kenora, ON, P9N 3P7

Phone: 807-468-5225
Fax: 807-468-5625
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Moss Park – Pharma Choice

325 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON M5A 1S9

Phone: 416-361-5713
Fax: 416-361-1293
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Rainy Lake First Nations Pharmacy

1460 Idlywild Drive, Fort Frances, ON, P9A 3M3

Phone: 807-274-3319
Fax: 1-866-805-0809

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy #210 – Caledonia

55 Argyle St N, Caledonia, ON, N3W 1B8

Phone: 905-765-3332
Fax: 905-765-0606
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Tilley’s Pharmasave #492

201 Main Street South, Kenora, ON, P9N 1T3

Phone: 807-468-7913
Fax: 807-468-5515


Unit 15-801 Century St , R3H 0C3
Phone: 204-947-1916
Fax: 204-946-0635

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