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Investing In Strong and Growing Communities
Working to change the course of diabetes in our communities
Investing In Strong and Growing Communities
Working to change the course of diabetes in our communities
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Who We Are

Spirit Healthcare Products offers a growing range of Indigenous-owned and branded ‘Spirit’ products that are sold nationally.

By owning our own line of healthcare products, we invest a portion of the profits back into the communities we serve, rather than continuing to feed the bank accounts of big pharmaceutical firms. This Indigenous perspective is what we call lndigenomics in action! 

Our Spirit Meter is the best-selling product we manufacture. It is a hand-held device that allows individuals living with diabetes to frequently monitor their blood glucose levels. It can be purchased alongside our Spirit lancets and strips. 

To help change the path of this chronic disease, a share of the profits from the Spirit strips goes directly to funding support programs, like our Gestational Diabetes Initiative, which is just one way to help educate and better control diabetes in our communities. 

We designed, built and created Family Safety Kits that proudly contained some of our own Spirit products

Diabetes Management Products


SPIRIT products are the best choice for people living with diabetes. They are high quality, easy-to-use and can be quickly delivered right to your door.

Spirit Meter Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The SPIRIT METER is an easy-to-use, hand-held device that calculates pre-and post-meal test results for 14 days. It displays the average of total test results and comes complete with reminder alarms. It is a no-coding meter that is ideal if you need to frequently test

Spirit Test Strips

Our Spirit strips offer rapid results in under 5 seconds using a very small sample of blood. These strips do not require coding which speeds up and simplifies the testing process. They provide easy and accurate testing and have a long shelf life of 2 years from the date they were manufactured.
Spirit Lancets

Spirit Lancets

Our Spirit lancets are designed to minimize pain because they are a finer 33-gauge vs the heavier 28 or 30 gauge. They may also be used with other lancing devices.

To purchase one of our Spirit products Please visit one of these pharmacies

To register your Spirit Meter for warranty Click Here


Through a partnership with Alliance Pharmacy, we can deliver your SPIRIT METER, test strips and lancets right to your door in just 24 hours


Unit 15-801 Century St , R3H 0C3
Phone: 204-947-1916
Fax: 204-946-0635

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