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Spirit Healthcare Group is committed to creating an Indigenous healthcare economy to advance and equalize healthcare for Indigenous peoples.

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Spirit Healthcare Group is a First Nation owned and operated healthcare company focused on meeting the health needs of Indigenous people across Canada.

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Spirit Healthcare Group is the parent corporation to SpiritRx Services, SpiritRx Solutions and Spirit Healthcare Products.

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Spirit Healthcare Group, owned by Tribal Councils Investment Group, is the parent company to SpiritRx Services, SpiritRx Solutions then Spirit Healthcare Products. The Spirit Healthcare Group is a business model serving First Nations with medical/health products.

All Spirit Healthcare Group products and services are geared to enhance the health and overall well-being of First Nations people. They range from prescription fulfillment and delivery to a line of Spirit products like the Spirit diabetes meter.

The goal of the Spirit Healthcare Group of companies is to repatriate some of the profits that large pharmaceutical companies have been generating from First Nations for decades and invest it in improving and equalizing the expected health outcomes for future generations.


Spirit Heathcare Group
Tribal Councils Investment Group of Manitoba


Unit 15-801 Century St, R3H 0C3
Phone: 204-947-1916
Fax: 204-946-0635

Our Divisions

Spirit Healthcare Group contributes to the wellness and health of the indigenous community. Parent company owned and operated by Tribal Councils Investment Group.

20 years of expertise in distant care pharmacy services brought home.

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Growing our Expertise through partnerships and economic reconciliation. Making your prescription benefit dollars work better (through direct delivery) for employers and workers across Canada.

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Manufacturing and branding of healthcare products in order to repatriate a portion of the profits back into Indigenous healthcare.

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